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Obama camp rebukes Bernie Mac over joke

This was an inappropriate moment to make a joke like this, but what's even worse is that the people Obama keeps being linked to have no decorum and they seem to not know what to say or when to say it...  WHY???

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Hey Miss D,

I have been very disappointed lately with the Obama campaign.  They are really allowing this train to get off track too often. 

McCain has people linked to his campaign that say far worse stuff but the media doesn't play it up as much.  Look at last week with former Sen Graham's comments about the bad economy being in people's minds!  That WAS McCain's chief economic advisor.  He should have been hung for that but it was gone in a day.  Meanwhile people like Wright, Jackson, and not Mac fester like open wounds.

Part of the problem is because Obama apologizes too much.  That keeps the story going. 

Obama has got to get on point.  He needs to get back to his great message and away from this crap he has been stuck in lately.  He has even allowed McCain to launch all these commercials talking about he (McCain) is the one with the progressive energy policy when nothing could be farther from the truth.

Obama, meanwhile, is running spots about his grandmother and stuff.  Drop that stuff and get right on point on energy, the economy, and then show how we are wasting hundreds of billions in Iraq.



While I agree that Obama's campaign has run of the tracks a bit, I feel as though, as a politician, he has to navigate very tricky waters.  Not only does he need the left, but he also needs conservatives to back him or he will be in MAJOR trouble in November.  The problem is this, we are not used to someone in Obama's position.  Period.  There is no precedent set for a viable African-American male running for President.  We have to remember that ANYTHING he does is going to get extra scrutiny because he's essentially a political novelty @ the moment.  While some may believe that because of this, he has to walk on eggshells, I disagree.  I do, however, believe he should mind the company he keeps...

first of all, shame on Bernie for using that old behind email joke....

Secondly, I just talked about this in a past blog on how we as a race talk about ourselves (using the N word and calling women hoes). We will continue to have such issues when we don't police ourselves.

How true.  Excellent point:

"There is no precedent set for a viable African-American male running for President.  We have to remember that ANYTHING he does is going to get extra scrutiny because he's essentially a political novelty @ the moment."  Miss D

It almost seems like sabotage.  First Wright (crazy), now Bernie Mac (uncalled for).  It seems that we "believe" that we are just plain-old Americans that have the freedom to do as we please, say what we want and make bad choices here and there.  Unfortunately, our  reality is far from that. 

Wright can't be blamed for his "old" tapes that the white man dug out of the archives but, it was his (Wright's) fault for making ADDITIONAL, brand-spanking-new comments even after Barack was put on blast for even being associated with Wright.  Shouldn't that have sobered Wright up - just a little bit?  It didn't!  That was just some foolish, opportunistic bull on Wright's part.  He was only thinking about J. Wright.  He doesn't care about Barack getting into the white house.  This is apparent to me.

And B. Mack's statements/jokes --- an idiot's mindset, at best.  Where does common sense come into play?  Why did he have to stoop so low for a laugh?  I believe the dude is actually a little more intelligent than that.  But, it seems that he feels that he has to stay in a certain zone, a certain spot or position for Blacks...N -word, B's, Ho's, projects, ghetto, violence, sex, uneducated, pathological, hateful, self-denigrating, etc...  Yeah we have a lot of that nonsense in our community.  But, isn't there a time/place where we recognize that we are more than that and that we can and MUST do better?  If there is such a time, I believe that time is now (with a viable black candidate for the American presidency making strides)! 

I'm torn because on one hand, being in the mix with the Bernie Mack's of our community says something positive about Barack.  But, on the other hand, if these people don't know how or don't want to adhere to the seriousness of the hour, then conventional wisdom suggests that Barack would do be better by keeping them at arm's length - or further away.  I say that to say this, "Who the hell booked Bernie Mack to open for Obama"?  I have cousins, uncles, friends, etc... that I wouldn't let make a toast at a wedding or answer the damn phone for that matter.  I mean come on, man...  Somebody should have at least prepped this dude (Mack), talked to him beforehand or something.  You have to KNOW what people like Mack are going to say before you put them out there.  They might as well have had Flavor Flav/Calli Cal open for Obama.  We can sit and talk about Mack for days.  He was either dumb, blinded by his own limitations, scared, silly, misguided, stupid, nervous, anxious, vexed, shook, pre-programmed by whitie or whatever we want to conjure up .  But, the one thing he was not was well informed by Obama or his people.  You gotta debrief with all of your players - before and after these public showings.  And, still plan for the worst.  If not, you'll end up with a B. Mack fiasco.  Same thing in Wright's case.  Except they might have had to pay $$$ Wright not to say anything else.  People like Wright live for moments like these.  That boy was in his "glory" when he was on all the news shows "talking junk".  I bet that church money $$$ came pouring in too.  (another topic)           

One more excellent point  

"We will continue to have such issues when we don't police ourselves." Qrazy

I believe that, above, I present one aspect of policing ourselves.  It's not exactly what Qrazy is suggesting but I feel it falls in line with what she wants to accomplish.  Mack is known for speaking the way he did about Obama. 

They (Obama and his people) should have:

A.) left B. Mack out of the mix or

B.) advised him better and let him make the choice. 

Like I said before, ironically, I believe the man (B. mack) to be more intelligent than he would have us believe.  I bet this man "chooses" to project this low, downtrodden, stereotypical rhetoric and nonsense for what he believes to be "effect".  A lot of us choose to spit out crap like this.  Sadly, it has become convenient and almost second nature for many of us. The time for a break from that way of thinking has most certainly arrived.  We have to embrace it and discard much of what has been keeping us from getting ahead.  Although it is definitely a tricky and slippery slope (and I won't go into detail here), we must begin to "police ourselves", as Qrazy states.  How else will the things we want to see happen ever happen?       

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I totally believe that Barack hasn't been living in a foxhole somewhere, he knows that Bernie Mac is a vulgar comedian.  Funny, but vulgar.  If he didn't want him to tell his signature jokes, he should've chosen Sinbad... now HE needs work these days...


Sinbad could use the work.

Seriously tho, do you believe that Barack (or at least the event organizers) should have known better than to invite Bernie if they knew his comedy?

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