Discussion about "Palin calls Obama's economy attacks 'unfair'"

Palin calls Obama's economy attacks 'unfair'

Oh, Sarah Palin...

What Kool-Aid have YOU been drinking?  The economy is complete shit and you know it.  I'm not a degree toting college grad, but I am incredibly intelligent, resourceful and creative.  I have about a million years of experience in everything from Office Management to being a Special Needs Teaching Assistant.  I say this because most of my friends ARE college grads with impressive degrees...  and no jobs.

Sure, I have managed to learn all of my skills on the job, and I excel at what I do...  just ask Comcast's Treasury Dept...  BUT, WTF kind of place are we living in when I can find a better paying job than my Bachelor's and Master's degree possesing friends?  And what's worse, the pay I make now is STILL not as good as the pay I made DIRECTLY out of high school!!!  I had more cash then, how does that make sense?  And that's BEFORE the bills get paid or food gets bought...  Hell, that's why I don't own a CAR!!!

So I think Sarah is just as out-of-touch as McCain...  Sure, she brought the gift of novelty to the race during the RNC, but now that the gloves (and the rose-colored glasses) are off, we are seeing just how dangerous Alaska can be...  and we haven't even started the off-shore drilling yet...  but that's a whole 'nother post...

So what do you think about the economy?  And do you believe that McCain, or Obama for that matter, really have the plan that could help to turn it around?

Edited Thu, Sep 18, 2008 8:07 AM

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